We are so excited to get you started and to help you achieve your goals!  This page is broken down into two parts and will provide you with some important steps that we will follow as we coach you through your challenge.

Before we get started, if we are not already “friends” on Facebook, let’s get connected so that you can be added to our private challenge & product coaching page. Click Here!

Step 1: Download and print the 24 Day Challenge Coaching Manual found here.  This is the manual we will coach from 24 Day Challenge Manual Download and set aside some time to watch these two video links: 24DC PRODUCT PREP and 24DC FOOD PREP


Step 2: Learn about the Cleanse Phase by visiting the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge link or by accessing the Photo Album section of the Lean Life ~ No Excuses Coaching Group. Make sure you use the arrows to navigate through the resources.

Step 3: Once your product arrives, text or call me to set up our 10-15 minute call to review everything before you start.  This call is very important so please don’t miss this step!  Also, please listen to this pre-recorded cleanse phase call.  It is quick and very concise.

Step 4: Day 1: Complete the Fitness Assessment

Meal Ideas! – Great meal suggestions from AdvoCare to refer to during your 24-day challenge. Additionally, there are TONS of recipes in our Lean Life ~ No Excuses Coaching Group.  You will NEVER be confused as the what are good, better, or best meal options. Don’t forget to use the Files and Photo Album section in our group. You can also visit our Day-by-Day Virtual Coach for Meal Suggestions


Step 5: Learn about the Burn Phase (carb cycling) by accessing the Photo Album section of the Lean Life ~ No Excuses Coaching Group. There are two pages in the album section. Make sure you use the arrows to navigate through the resources. Also, please listen to this pre-recorded burn phase call. It is quick and very concise.

Step 6: On the morning of Day 11, plan to weigh in, measure, and take some new photos. Please share those results with us, and If you are comfortable, your photos as well.  We also encourage you to share your results on social media. Results do not have to be a number on the scale. Your post could be something as simple as “Day 11 and I am feeling amazing. My energy is through the roof.”

Think about how your challenge experience could be just the thing to inspire someone to make a positive change for their health. Please know that as a member you would benefit from any referrals by receiving increased discounts on your own product and the potential to get part or all of your product paid for. Finally, if anyone inquires about what you are doing, know that we are here to help answer their questions.


Don’t forget to also check out our newest program … Lean Life Project.  Get with your coach so that you can work together to customize a program that fits your personal commitment to success!

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