The picture below of Bean was taken a few years ago, but it represents exactly how we all feel this week. Before she hit this pose, she had no idea what was about to happen. Her cheer coach simply and quietly asked, “is she afraid of heights?” As a Mom, I had a quick decision to make for my daughter … and the outcome would either be she would cry or she would fly. I had to decide what’s best. I said, “take her up!” The look on her face says it all. We don’t know what we don’t know.

Her eyes are both filled with fear and with accomplishment. She would have never taken this risk on her own. So whatever decision you are faced with today … You may be scared, you may not know the outcome … Look to those people you trust and that love and believe in you most and who are not afraid to speak on your behalf and say, “take her up!” Crystal Bullard, thank you for this moment!

Swedish Fish.





Today was so productive. #CallOutTuesday is what I heard GaryVee call it. Basically it was a “get your hiney in gear” and do what you’ve been hemin and hawin about. So I did … made new commitments and did what I said I was going to do. Got the ball rolling and it felt really great.

So the message here is really, expect obstacles, but see them as opportunities. Stay focused on your commitments and flexible in your approach … Do what you say you are going to do and remember that everyone is watching.

Treat yourself and others with kindness because it’s the right thing to do. Keep doing the next right thing, and you won’t fail.

Swedish Fish



These last few days have been so empowering and full.  I have stayed consistent with my reading and writing. I have also been “on task” in the rest of my life.  I know that tomorrow brings an opportunity to test out some of the new changes before my Boston trip next week.  Nothing will ever be the same after that trip. So for now I follow one of my mentors tasks and rest my artist brain.  Time to recharge and reimagine.

Swedish Fish.



It is so important to have intentional moments of breath from the stress.  I have recently started following Nate Maingard on Twitter and watching his Periscopes.  He is the mental break that I needed.  His music is perfect for me.  I would not have found him and his beautiful music if he hadn’t found me first. I don’t have many followers on Twitter and yet he is now one of them.  He shares his art daily and it’s at a time in my life when I am longing to create again.  So to listen to him, I feed my soul and my inner artist wakes up and wants to play.

My most favorite video of his however was not a musical video.  He answered the question for his fans and patrons that I also get asked often, “how do you stay so positive and happy?”

His answer was simply, “I don’t.” He even went as far enough to say that he is often depressed and that he struggles with comparison and confidence in his music.  So, I want Nate to know that I totally understand.  Just getting out of bed somedays is a struggle.  We all have felt that way at some point in our life.  I am incredibly thankful for your honesty as well as your grace when you shared that.  You still had a smile in your heart that shined out of your face.  I am thankful for you being on this planet sharing your gifts, your struggles, your art and your heart for all the world to see.

This world needs more of that.  Thank you also for being a voice for the powerless and standing up for those unable to stand. You are already changing the world for the better and your value cannot be measured.

You are food for my soul. Thank you.

Swedish Fish.




All we can do in this lifetime is simply take the “best next step” every single day.  Making a commitment and honoring that commitment with consistent daily action will get you closer and closer to the vision you have for your life, your relationships, your business, your finances and especially a better set of circumstances than those you are currently in and being controlled by.

Today was an excellent day … I had the honor of coaching new champions to their personal best and building up my littlest champions in my life in the process.

Working through the “Walking in this World” creative practice is already helping me personally clear out some mental blocks. Now it’s time to let my dreams sort through the details of the day and process and file them away.

Swedish Fish.



HELLO NOVEMBER!  It’s time to see what I am capable of.  This month is full of NEW.  I am taking myself through the creative practice designed by Julia Cameron.  I have started reading and applying what I am learning from her book “Walking in this World.”  Over the next 12 weeks, I will be transforming myself like never before.

1. Building my coaching business.

2. Mapping out and starting my book.

3.  Working through a month long Yoga practice.

4. Taking myself through a 12 week creativity / personal growth practice.

5.  Taking myself on weekly Artist Dates and Clarity Walks as well as committing to personal “writing without thinking” journaling every morning.

This is just the beginning, more to come.

Swedish Fish.



Sometimes you just have to be willing to trust your gut and take the leap.  Don’t woulda, shoulda, coulda all over yourself.  When life presents you with opportunity, it’s better in my opinion to at least try.  Some of the best things in life follow moments of failure.  So simply put … be brave, take risks, you were born to be extraordinary!💕

Swedish Fish.