I am sitting in the parking lot of the gym reflecting on my morning so far.

I am incredibly thankful for technology. My oldest was playing her music in the Jeep this morning on the way to school and my mind started wandering.

I went back to a time when I played albums on my Donny and Marie record player with the microphone. Then on to my first Radio Shack cassette player … and well you know where this is going.

Going from taping songs off the radio to having a Columbia House membership. There are certain purchases that I have made in my life where the ROI has been immeasurable.

Top three:

  1. In the 90’s, Mac bought me a fax machine for the house.
  2. Then he bought me a portable Massage Chair pad that has remained on a rocking chair that we have had since the girls were born.
  3. Then what I was praising this morning in the Jeep. My Apple Music subscription that I connected to the girls phones.

This last one they may never know the journey of Steve Jobs wanting to put 10,000 songs into the palm of his daughter’s hands … but I sure do. I am so thankful.

Getting to hear the music that moves them is a blessing. I let them know how thankful I was for this morning.

As we were pulling into the drop off lane, before they got out of the car at school, I shared two things.

  1. Never stop learning how to use and utilize new technology. I learned this from my dad. From our TRS80 to the Tandy, to the Apple IIc, IIe and so forth. Don’t be afraid to learn … then I told them to remind me when I am old that I said this.
  2. You attract what you expect, so please expect great things today.

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