💛 Okay … here is #My28Cents for the day. If you’ve been around me for any length of time, you may have learned that I carry the “MacGyver” gene … not to be confused with my super human “Tetris” abilities.
💛 What that means is that, when a challenge arises and needs a solution, you may witness me fashioning some sort of tool or constructing a solution that some may find unusual, yet it does the trick and problem is solved.
💛 I am not sharing this to toot my own horn about the strength of my strategic problem solving abilities … actually, I’m sharing this because of an epiphany I had today, after making what you see in this picture (I will explain what it in a bit … I promise).
💛 My ah-ha moment came when I started thinking back to when I was a kid, watching my dad make things … he problem solved all the time … he was a strategist in every thing he did. I also thought about who he was as a man to everyone that knew him … he always saw their potential instead of their shortcomings. He showed them what they truly were capable of … with some minor adjustments.
💛 Which brings me to this tool. The handle is one of three Swiffer Dusters handles. (Who needs three?) They just hang in our pantry and rarely get used all at the same time … so first item that has “underutilized potential.” Next, is a “fetching stick” (dog toy … with tennis ball fuzz). This stick scares our dogs … so another item of “underutilized potential.”
💛 I have a daily challenge at the studio with our beautiful white epoxy floors, getting scuff marks from rubber sneakers … every day there are either grey or black lines of rubber that stick to the floor and can be erased with a little friction from my finger or from my own shoe.
💛 I needed something easier than bending down for ever scuff mark (not to mention, I don’t want to touch this with my hands), and also didn’t want to make loud squeaky sounds from my Adidas pushing on the epoxy floor.
💛 For fear of sounding like I’m on HSN or like I am about to pitch to the Sharks, I will simply say, I saw the true potential of two underutilized items in my house. Duct taped them together, and made a tool to help me get the scuff marks out of the floor every day.
💛 Now, what I will think of, when I use this tool is, that everyone has underutilized potential. Imagine what would happen if we took a beat every now and then, took a good look at who we’ve surrounded ourselves with and maybe take the time to learn what makes them who they are. We might just find the “fetching stick” to our “Swiffer Duster” and our duct taped collaboration might just change the world!


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