The Red String!

The idea of the day is called “the red string.”  It is simply the connection on your timeline.  In your life, there are “pins” or “pivotal moments” that connect the red string from one point to the other.  They are the “major decisions,” “the fork in the road,” “the life altering changes of course.”  Getting into your flow is all part of finding your way along “the red string” so that each new “pivot pin” is made with true intention and keeps you aligned on the path of your vision and goals.  So spending some time today at your current “pivot pin,” where some new decisions and course corrections need to be made.

What does your current “pivot pin” look like in these areas?

📌 Family

📌 Finance

📌 Education

📌 Personal 

📌 Work

📌 Spiritual

📌 Health

Once you have an accurate snapshot of your current “pivot pins,” the next step is to write out your vision of what you truly wish these areas of your life would look like.  Be specific.  Cover all the senses. 

The next step is simply to take one to two steps daily in each area towards these “course corrections” you wish to make on your “red string” and reward yourself each time you mark your new “pivot pin” that brings your closer to your vision.

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