✨My most favorite part of being a #FGIT is hearing what each little princess wishes for. Sometimes they know exactly what they want and sometimes they need a little faith, trust and pixie dust first. So as your resident FGIT (Fairy Godmother in Training), I want to help you get the best ROI on your #2019WISHES … Sound good??? Perfect … Let’s begin!!!

✨STEP ONE is very simple. It’s Belief! Yep, that sounds easy enough right? You must first belief that your wishes CAN come true. If you don’t believe in magic, you are guaranteeing that your wishes will remain unfulfilled. Just saying!

✨STEP TWO is also simple. It’s to Tell Other People What You Wish For! I understand we have been trained since our very first birthday to keep our wishes a secret, but that was wrong information. So starting today, speak your wishes out loud! Heard? Excellent … moving on.

✨STEP THREE is very simple, just not easy. It’s Be Patient. I know, I know … we live in the most impatient, gotta have everything right now, this instant kind of world. Well, all I can say is get over it. Some wishes take time and some of them might even get stalled because of specifics. You must be specific with your wish, otherwise your wish grantor can’t help with fulfillment. Make sense? Awesome!

✨STEP FOUR … I call this step the wish accelerator or the wish “fast pass” and it’s a very easy to remember step because I’ve turned it into an acronym. You know how much I LOVE acronyms. So do you want to know H.O.W. to make your wishes happen faster??? I thought you might. It’s really quite simple …
If you help others with their wishes, they will help you with yours. This is also true in life … if you help others get what they want, they will help you get what you want… as long as you are surrounding yourself with folks who truly want to see you succeed in life.

✨So let’s review … Belief, Tell Others, Have Patience, Help Others Wish!

✨Happy New Year Friends and Family. Looking forward to helping each one of you make all your wishes in 2019 a reality.

Yours Magically,
✨FGIT Mikki

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