🏖⏰ It’s Monday! It may be Summer, but it’s also time to get really specific about goals. This morning, a friend reminded me that you can’t manifest what you aren’t clear about.🤔

📌So today I’ve added a task to my Summer board of “TaDas” … I will be mapping out my list like this …

3 Columns:
✏️ Write down/List the dream/challenge/activity/goal in first column.
✏️ Tally and write down the exact dollar amount it would take to achieve it.
✏️ Attach an end date to it.

📆 Also take time to re-order your list by date and mark up your calendar with your short term goals. Any long term goal should get its own sheet of paper … since it will have its own list of short term daily tasks attached to the journey.

🙏🏻 Then SPEAK LIFE & BELIEF into it every single day ~ “By xyz (date), I will have xyz (amount), to achieve xyz (goal).”

🤦🏻‍♀️ Now here is the hard part … Its time to start eliminating distractions. Once you have your list, use it as your boundary framework. If an activity does not align with what you are #focusedtilfinished on, then some strong choices must be made.

🙋🏻‍♀️“Does this activity help me get closer to my goal or will it steal precious time away from me?”

🤟One last thing … don’t try to do it all yourself. People (especially your family) want to see you succeed … just like you genuinely want them to succeed. So don’t be afraid to ask for help.

🦋Your dreams won’t know where to find you until you call out to them!🦋

#ihopethishelps #move #now

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