Here are 20 small steps that you can take to be on a path towards a healthier you.

🌼 Skip snooze: Instead of hitting your snooze button several times, get up at the first sound of an alarm.

🌼 Limber up: Right when you get out of bed, take 2-3 minutes to stretch your muscles.

🌼 Energize: Jumpstart your day with a big glass of lemon water.

🌼 Fuel: Start your day with a healthy breakfast to set a good tone for the day.

🌼 Dress up: Wear an outfit you feel confident in.

🌼 Love: Hug a family member or friend.

🌼 Organize: Rid yourself of mental clutter and get your to-do list out on paper.

🌼 Keep calm: Leave for work 5 minutes earlier to get there with time to spare.

🌼 Hydrate: Always keep a glass of water by your desk, table, or nightstand.

🌼 Get fresh air: Dedicate 10-15 minutes of your lunch break to go for a walk outside.

🌼 Go green: Grab a fruit or vegetable for an afternoon pick-me-up.

🌼 Stand up: Every hour, stand up, stretch your legs, and walk around.

🌼 Cook: Make your dinner at home instead of picking up takeout.

🌼 Be mindful: Eat your dinner at a table without distractions.

🌼 Prepare: Make your lunch for work the night before.

🌼 Connect: Call a family member or friend to catch up or simply talk about your day.

🌼 Disconnect: Turn off your cellphone, computer, and television 30 minutes before going to bed.

🌼 Relax: Take a warm shower before bed.

🌼 Breathe: Before getting into bed, take 5 minutes to close your eyes and focus on your breath.

🌼 Be grateful: Write down one thing in your life that you are thankful for — a person, an opportunity, a personal attribute, or anything else you appreciate.
What are you going to do to take a step towards a healthier you today?

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