I love being a ” Yes Mom” instead of being the mom that has to say “no” because of lack of time, lack of energy or even lack of money.  In 2012, I set out on a mission to become a mom who could work from home, be available to her daughters and ultimately be a forever “yes mom!”

💐 Here we are … five years later.  I am home, I homeschool my daughters and never miss a moment of their lives because of lack of time.  They are priority one.   This is only possible because I said yes to an opportunity that has forever changed our lives.  First, our health improved, then our time freedom improved and then our financial situation improved and now we have more choices.  I love that it will continue to improve because I am the one in control of this.  I don’t worry about recessions or layoffs anymore.  If I want more income, I go out and help more people reach their own goals.  That’s it! It’s pretty awesome. I’m very thankful to have that freedom of choice.

💐 Today, I was looking back at albums on my phone and computer and even some of the albums that are in my personal coaching groups and I got emotional remembering how most of those conversations started. Everyone had a story, a goal and a “why” … all they needed was a HOW and someone to believe in them until they could believe in themselves. I just wanted to thank those of you who chose me personally to coach you, encourage you and cheer you on!

💐 Here’s to many more years of helping more Champions with the HOW!💕


#helpotherswin #ilovemyjob #yesmom


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