So, I’ve got something on my heart to share, in hopes that this will help open some of those blocks you might be having.  I’m all about acronyms that just something that’s easy for me to remember. Running a successful business can be very E.A.S.Y. for you if you follow that simple little acronym. Here’s where this idea came from, after I gave birth to my second child, I read this book. The author used the E.A.S.Y. acronym to help parents trying to get their newborns on a regular eating and sleeping schedule.  The pattern was, “eat, activity, sleep, and YOU time!” We really needed this to work because, I was flying four days out of the week and my husband and I back then were, “tag-team” parenting. We needed to be able to pick up where the last parent left off and be on the same sheet of music. This helped us all get into a routine and taught our daughter how to sleep through the night. It was so important to make sure that everybody else was having some sort of sanity, so we needed to come up with something that worked.

This E.A.S.Y. system can also be applied to your business. So, let’s break this down one letter at a time.

E – that’s your excitement. Commit to sharing your excitement, every single day, no matter what. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in person, on social media, in a newsletter, a podcast or even before a large group like FB LIVE.   You are sharing something that you’re super excited about and that passion can move your business.

Athat’s action.  You have got to take an action every single day to further your business.  Whether you only spend 20 minutes or 2 hours on your business every single day, you must be in ACTION.  The cousins of action are consistency and persistency, which means having a consistent DMO (Daily Method of Operation) and move with persistence through each activity.  Side note, I’m not talking about busy work, I’m talking about working your business.  Some examples are actively setting appointments to share your products, ideas or services and build relationships.  Doing follow-ups are also action oriented.  Delivering excellent customer service is also very action oriented. Consistently doing action-oriented activities every single day will push your business forward.

Sthat’s system.  Every business has some sort of success system to follow. During your day, you must either be doing a one-on-one’s, two-on-one’s or three-way phone calls. Also, bringing folks to large group meetings, webinars or events are also part of a success system.  The one-on-one is the only part of this system that you do alone.  No one is a self-made anything, working with other leaders or teammates is the only way you will not only be successful, but also become duplicatable which is how it becomes a successful system.

Ythat’s you and “why”.   You must have a defined purpose.  I was asked once, “If your purpose was your boss, would you get fired today?” Every single day you must commit to your purpose. Now if you don’t know what your “why” is, then that needs to be figured out now. There are ebbs and flows in every business, and you must be so “sold out,” on your purpose that nothing can stop you from waking up every day and fighting for it. The other “Y” stands for you. YOU have got to grow daily!

In, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,” John Maxwell talks about the ‘Law of the Lid,’ if you are not becoming more, you will not attract more.  Which means, you cannot attract anyone better than you. It’s just a given; if you’re at a six, you cannot attract the seven and eight or nine. So, for you to be able to attract more, then you must become more. Which means that every day, you commit to doing one thing that’s for personal growth. Once you are done with “Y”, you go right back to “E” and show your excitement, do something action-oriented, follow the success system and then go to work on yourself! EASY right!?!?


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