It is so important to have intentional moments of breath from the stress.  I have recently started following Nate Maingard on Twitter and watching his Periscopes.  He is the mental break that I needed.  His music is perfect for me.  I would not have found him and his beautiful music if he hadn’t found me first. I don’t have many followers on Twitter and yet he is now one of them.  He shares his art daily and it’s at a time in my life when I am longing to create again.  So to listen to him, I feed my soul and my inner artist wakes up and wants to play.

My most favorite video of his however was not a musical video.  He answered the question for his fans and patrons that I also get asked often, “how do you stay so positive and happy?”

His answer was simply, “I don’t.” He even went as far enough to say that he is often depressed and that he struggles with comparison and confidence in his music.  So, I want Nate to know that I totally understand.  Just getting out of bed somedays is a struggle.  We all have felt that way at some point in our life.  I am incredibly thankful for your honesty as well as your grace when you shared that.  You still had a smile in your heart that shined out of your face.  I am thankful for you being on this planet sharing your gifts, your struggles, your art and your heart for all the world to see.

This world needs more of that.  Thank you also for being a voice for the powerless and standing up for those unable to stand. You are already changing the world for the better and your value cannot be measured.

You are food for my soul. Thank you.

Swedish Fish.


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