I was told today that the only way to succeed outside of my already established “purpose and why,” was to make sure I was duplicatable. That I personally was duplicatable.  Now there is a system in place for success and then their are people succeeding that are setting themselves apart from the norm.

In my opinion, there will always be people who will find the only reason to not even try as well as those who won’t stop trying despite all odds against them.  So I don’t believe it is the reposibility of the leader to stay completely within the confines of duplicatability.  I believe that what may work for one, may not work for someone else.  So the system is merely the framework on which to build and expand in this ever changing and evolving world.

The bottom line is do what works and teach what you’ve learned to those who look to you for mentorship and learn what works for others and apply those lessons as you see fit based on your commitment and purpose.  Just never stop moving.

Swedish Fish.

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