Whatever you tell yourself is the truth.  Your brain can’t tell the difference.  What ever words you say or thoughts you have consistently over time become your beliefs.  So are you telling yourself the truth?  Are you telling yourself positive, affirming, encouraging words for personal growth and improvement or are you beating your brain up with negative self talk?

You have the ability to rewire your own brain with “what went well” thoughts from the day.  We ALL have bad days, but you have a choice on whether to share the bad or the good with your brain.  Your brain will only file the story you tell it and everyone else.  So for every bite of bad, be sure to take in 3-5 bites of good.

Same goes for how you talk to others.  No one will ever remember word for word, what you said to them, however, they will remember word for word of how you made them feel.  Use your relationship building words wisely… the foundation matters.

Swedish Fish.

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