Tonight my daughter just needed me to hold her and listen to here thoughts, dreams, fears, joys and love.  She needed to feel safe and secure.  She needed to feel that she will never go one day without our love.  She needed to rest and cry and exhale.  She needed her mom.

There are no words to express the amount of bring you to your knees kind of love that I have for my two daughters.  They are my air, my purpose and my forever blocked priority.  Everything I do is in service and in alignment with their dreams.  I am a better human because of them.  I push myself and the example that I know they witness, harder because of them.   They will impact the world in a perfect and necessary way that will change it for the better.  I believe in them with every last ounce of my being.

They know this because of my presence as well as my actions and words of affirmation.

My prayer is that you have that strong purpose and clear vision for your life.  You are necessary.

Swedish Fish.


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